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El Pasoans Fighting Hunger (EPFH) had to grow its facility in order to meet the needs of the hungry in our community. In early 2013, EPFH moved into a 177,000 square food warehouse located at 9541 Plaza Circle. This expanded warehouse facility allowed the food bank to collect and distribute food items.

The Plaza Circle facility, though now functional, requires a considerable amount of upgrades before being sufficient and easily sustainable. A new roof and refrigeration equipment were needed at the time of the move-in. A new refrigerator is now in place, but the roof is in need of major repairs. 

EPFH Capital Campaign Chair
Stuart R. Schwartz
ScottHulse PC - Attorneys At Law


Your contribution goes a long way!

Your donation of $1 helps El Pasoans Fighting Hunger Food Bank distribute enough food for 4 meals or $11 worth of food!

Your gift can make the difference…

  • A child won’t have to go to school hungry today, but instead can focus and be ready to learn.
  • An elderly neighbors can does not have to choose between medicine and food.
  • A family struggling does not have to choose between utilities and groceries.
  • Your generosity allows us to distribute 18,750 meals every day!     

Campaign Goals
  • Building Acquisition
  • Building Renovations
  • Equipment
  • Feeding America Reserve Fund
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